This is what you get:

  • Your customer in a 360 degrees customer view
  • Multi-channel support from a single platform
  • Service the entire customer journey in one system
  • Manage customer data to keep it up to date and compliant
  • Direct insights through reports and monitor dashboards

What is CRM?

Customer Relationship Management software, or CRM for short, is a single window solution that manages customer interactions with your business. It keeps track of all channels of communication like your website, email, phone, chat, etc... It gives your agents instant insight to all relevant customer data like products, contacts, open actions and much more. Wouldn't an agent's life be much easier if alt-tab belonged to the past? We think so!

Take care of customer conversations with Case Management

Combine your CRM with Case Management and take care of customer conversations that need extra attention. 


Streamline all your customer conversations in one place

Keep track

Stay up to date on the status of outstanding request in a glance


Collaborate with other teams to resolve issues faster

Make your conversations personal

Add a chatbot to your service journey and integrate your tools with Fresh CRM to make them personal and transactional. You can upload your chatbot conversations automatically.


Prevent agents from spending time on simple questions and repetitive tasks. Let Freddy do the work.


Be there when it matters to your customers. Freddy is always on!


Freddy knows what your customer needs and delivers spot on

Hand over

Let your agents help your customers when Freddy can't or when he's not allowed to with Live Chat

Combine your TKC fresh tools:

Need help? No stress! Check our services:


• Brief analysis
• A workshop Vision & Strategy to define your goals and ambitions
• A pragmatic and realistic actionplan to achieve the ambitions

Can't choose? We help you decide!
After the analysis of your your customer service journey we'll determine what needs to be implemented and how we can do this best. We'll first design your desired situation. Our consultancy services depend on your demands and desired situation and the tools you choose.

We can deliver:
• Design for your channelmix
• Designed process from initial contact to the solution for each journey including   hand overs for all TKC fresh tools
• Design for necesarry integrations
• Content strategy so your single source of content will work in practice
• Designed knowledge management processes
• Advice on team set-up 

We'll start with the most important changes so you can make some initial impact and grow from there. Our goal is always to clear the path to improved customer value in an efficient way.

If you like to think before you act, a discovery is your guide to success.

Content as a Service

• Professional content specialists
• Coordination of your knowledge organisation and processes
• Content Tailored to your brand and tone of voice
• Independent of indusrty
• Multiple languages: dutch, english, french, german and more
• For a fixed amount of hours per week

Do you need help with your content creation and maintenance? This requires skilled content specialists. Not everyone can do it, not everyone has the skills in house. We're here to help!

Our team of content specialists have only one goal: to make your content correct, findable and usefull to fit all channels and formats. Our team can support you in:
• Content creation
• Content migration
• Content maintenance
• Translation
• Feedback handling
• Proactive maintenance

Conversational Dialogue

Do you want to deliver an even faster customer experience? Do you want to discover what a chatbot can do for your organization? Our chatbot experts love to help you build great conversational flows.
• Support during your chatbot implementation
• Help you face the challenges, when raising a chatbot
• Improve your conversational flows
• Make sure your end users understands your bots

Improve your service journey with the right dialogues.


Implementation of your fresh choice:
• Functional design
• Technical design
• Testing
• Training
• Project Management

Fresh tools are not complex, they are easy to implement and even easier to use. All tools are delivered with training material and documentation. So you can do the implementation yourself, but you can also let the TKC fresh team do it for you. If we do the implementation, we will  challenge you, ask the right questions, make sure nothing is forgotten and guide you through the process. We'll do it together so you can take over from there. In our experience this guidance speeds up the process and increases the quality of the end result.

That's our goal: to make your life easy and help you with your Fresh implementation. We're happy to make you an offer to implement your Fresh purchase.

Support your Fresh Tools

There's not a problem we can't fix.
We deliver the following support so you can choose the level of support you need:
• Answer questions about your implementation
• Make changes to your implementation
• Test changes
• User management
• Help with integrations
• Fexible amount of hours possible
• Training
• Free membership to the TKC fresh user group

We all know the feeling: right after the implementation, questions pop-up. Or maybe you'd like to change something. We're here to support your new tool to help you get the most out of it. If you like to enable more features we can even help to expand your implementation. Our technical consultants know the tool well and offer advice. Even if you don't ask for it.